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Calculating Cost of Electric Defrost Heaters vs. Costs of 2 Fan Motors Running 24/7

Step 1: Operating Costs of the Defrost Heaters

The evaporator coil has 6 face heaters. Each face heater consumes 1,824 watts. There is also one drain pan heater that draws 736 watts.

Heater Power:

(6 face heaters x 1,824 watts’/face heater) + (1 drain pan heater x 736 watts/drain pan heater) = 11,680 watts

The defrost clock runs 4 times a day, in 15 minute cycles. That’s a total run-time of 60 minutes a day. We can now use the total watts to calculate the energy consumption in watt-hours.

Heater Consumption:

11,680 watts * (1 hour) = 11.68 kWh per day = 355.3 kWh per month

The cost of electricity is $0.134 per kWh, so the true cost of the electric defrost heaters can be determined in the calculations below:

Heater operating cost:

355.3 kWh per month x ($0.134/kWh) = $47.61 per month



Fan motors power:

Volts per motor x Amps per motor x # of motors x Power factor (efficiency) x square root of three (for a 3-phase motor) = 460 Volts * 1 Amps * 2 * 0.83 * square root of 3 = 1,380 kW drawn by the fans

Fan motors consumption:

1,380 kW * 30.42 days/month = 1007 kWh per month = 12,089 kWh per year

The cost of electricity is $0.134 per kWh, so the true cost of the (2) fan motors running 24/7 can be determined below:

Fan motors operating cost = 12,089 kWh per year x ($0.134/kWh) = $134.99 per month




For more information on Frigitek™ Electronically Commuted (EC) Motors and Controllers and how Carlisle Energy can save you money, please contact us directly at (714) 684-1766.

The Latest Technology in Cold Storage

As a leader in cold storage, Carlisle Energy introduces the latest in technology with 1.5 HP up to 2.5 HP EC Motors in 240v and 480v with the industry’s only 3-Phase 480v ECM Controllers.

Frigitek™ Electronically Commuted (EC) Motors and Controllers are intended for the commercial and industrial sectors where walk-in coolers, refrigerators and freezers are used. Our energy efficiency approach consists of changing out conventional motors in evaporator fans used in refrigerations systems and replacing them with brushless DC motors and Frigitek™ Controllers, resulting in dramatic efficiency improvements. These new larger HP EC motors only increase customers ROI while simultaneously increasing Incentive Money from the Utility companies.

We apply clear-cut engineering solutions since efficiencies are simply derived from the difference between the energy performance of conventional motors and controls and that of efficient Frigitek™ controllers operating EC motors that use internal electronic circuitry to convert AC to DC and also control speed and rotation.

Frigitek™ motor controllers function by sensing the operational status of the cooling system and controlling the speed of the evaporator fans.  By operating the fans at a low speed when no cooling is called for, the fans circulate about 40% as much as normal and use only 10% as much energy without impacting cooling requirements. The addition of either the Frigitek™ ECM I and ECM III Motor Controllers single or 3-Phase controllers to an evaporator will increase energy savings by about 50% over what EC motors alone will provide.

For more information on Frigitek™ Electronically Commuted (EC) Motors and Controllers and how Carlisle Energy can save you money, please contact us directly at (714) 684-1766.