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Request Free Savings Analysis Approved by your Utility Company

Get the latest scoop on cold storage solutions and/or if you are interested in our cold storage reduction products.

At Carlisle Energy, we offer our professional expertise to provide high-quality energy efficiency solutions for the cold storage industry. Each service we provide is designed specifically with your return on investment in mind. We aim to provide our customers not only with extensive information and premium solutions for their energy conservation efforts, but also an amazing service experience.

Every potential Carlisle Energy client receives the following detailed services:


Comprehensive Data Collection

Each energy analysis begins with collecting data from your existing refrigeration system. During the data collection process we will examine:

  • Fan motor phase, volts, amps, and horsepower
  • Fan motor efficiency
  • Number of compressors
  • Evaporator coils
  • Evaporator fans

This analysis helps us get a clear picture of your current energy usage. You and your team are always a part of our process. Our extensive data collection procedure helps ensure that our product recommendations suit the specific needs of your company.

Analysis of Utility Bills

Before you make changes to your system, you need to know exactly where your money is going. All clients are provided a detailed analysis of their current energy usage. Our utility bill analysis examines:

  • KWh rate being charged
  • Overall KWh usage
  • Overall cost of electricity use

Through this complete and thorough review of your energy spending, we identify which areas are costing you money as well as those places that are ripe for cost-cutting efforts.


Savings Opportunity Report

Increasing the energy efficiency of your refrigeration system has the potential to improve your bottom line. On your behalf, we work with the local utility company to ensure you are receiving the best possible rates. We then provide the following:

  • Information on your estimated savings from rebates
  • Incentives for which your company qualifies
  • Support on completing rebate forms and incentive application processes

Our exhaustive review of savings opportunities allows you to focus your attention on profit-generating activities, rather than pushing paper.


Professional Frigitek Installation and Programming

The secret to energy reduction is replacing outdated equipment with properly sized, more efficient models. Transitioning from the existing motors in your evaporators to more new models is easy with our professional installation service. Our service includes:

  • Upgrading the conventional motor in your refrigerator system’s evaporator fans to the brushless DC motors and Frigitek™ Controllers
  • Programming of Frigitek™ Patented ECM Controllers to work directly with new Variable Speed EC Motors
  • All installation labor and parts

The difference in energy performance between conventional motors and the Frigitek™ Patented ECM Controllers is powerful. These new high efficiency motors run at the same RPM as the existing fan motors, but slash energy usage costs.


Detailed Savings Analysis Spreadsheet

Understanding how your money is being spent shouldn’t be guesswork. Our thorough savings analysis spreadsheet is a user-friendly way to track equipment orders, project costs, energy usage, and much more. At a glance you are able to identify:

  • KWh savings
  • Energy cost savings
  • Return on investment

With our savings analysis spreadsheet, you will be able to consistently monitor the outstanding electric and energy savings from your equipment investment.


Why Choose Us?

Since 2009, Carlisle Energy has been committed to being a leader in increasing efficiencies in the cold storage industry, while keeping costs down for small businesses.

We believe the key to creating lasting business partnerships is built upon providing superior services with trust, respect, and integrity. Thus, the above services are available to every potential client, upfront and free of charge. We want you to feel comfortable making the decision that works best for your business and your financial goals.

We are confident that our unique energy solution services and outstanding customer service will exceed your expectations.