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Nov 15, 2023 | Uncategorized

Learn How You Can Save 10-30% on Your Businesses' Energy Consumption.

Carlisle Energy Solutions


In the ever-evolving landscape of cold storage efficiency, Carlisle Energy Solutions emerges as a powerhouse, reshaping the industry by not only achieving significant energy savings but fundamentally transforming operational paradigms for businesses worldwide. In this exploration of success stories, we delve into the transformative impact experienced by Worldwide Produce, SGS Produce, and Pacific Giant, shedding light on the tangible and lasting differences our solutions have made.

Worldwide Produce: Maximizing ROI in a 180,000 Square Foot Facility

Carlisle Energy Solutions played a pivotal role in Worldwide Produce’s 180,000 square foot facility, securing $88,315 in incentives. The retrofit upgrade to EC Motors & Controls not only resulted in significant savings but showcased an exceptional return on investment, achieving ROI in less than a year. With a project cost of $165,124 and annual savings of $87,527, this case exemplifies the dual impact of financial gain and sustainable efficiency.

SGS Produce: Rapid ROI and Long-Term Savings

SGS Produce, a warehouse catering to various segments of the food industry, embarked on a journey of substantial savings by retrofitting evaporator coils. Through the installation of Carlisle Controllers and 1.5 HP EC Motors, the project paid for itself in less than six months. With a focus on a net cost of $9,182.48 and an annual dollar savings of $44,924.40, SGS Produce showcases not only rapid ROI but also long-term financial gains.

Pacific Giant: Enhancing Efficiency in Seafood Storage

Dedicated to seafood product storage and distribution, Pacific Giant collaborated with Carlisle Energy Solutions to enhance its refrigerated warehouse facility. The upgrade of 35 evaporator fan motors, coupled with the implementation of Carlisle ECM refrigeration control systems, resulted in substantial energy and cost savings. With a project cost of $87,478 and a notable return on investment in just 1.288 years, Pacific Giant exemplifies the marriage of efficiency and sustainability.


In these SEO-optimized success stories, Carlisle Energy Solutions emerges not merely as an agent of energy savings but as a catalyst for comprehensive transformation. Beyond the numerical successes, these stories underscore our commitment to delivering practical, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions. By partnering with Carlisle Energy Solutions, businesses can embrace a future of heightened efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and sustained competitiveness in the dynamic cold storage industry. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards a more efficient and sustainable future for your cold storage operations.

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