Carlisle Energy Solutions was established in 2009 as a distributor of energy savings products for the cold storage industry.

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Field Fresh Foods Inc.

“We are receiving tremendous energy reduction and substantial incentives from SCE working with Carlisle Energy Solutions, and continue to work with them!” Carlos Castaneda, General Manager

Maruzen of America, Inc.

“Carlisle Energy Solutions provided the expertise needed to upgrade our 103,000 sq. ft Cold Storage Warehouse to a state of the art energy saving facility!” Hitoshi Kurosaki, Director of Warehousing

Family Tree Produce

“When we contracted with Carlisle Energy Solutions to install Carlisle Controllers and EC Motors the savings has exceeded our expectations and we are experiencing approximately 40% in Noise Reduction!” Ulises Urbina, Director of Warehousing

S.G.S Produce

“We have worked with Carlisle Energy Solutions since 2013 and their Customer Service is 2nd to none! We have installed the Carlisle Controllers & EC Motors, not only has the savings exceeded our expectations but 75% of the project was paid by LADWP!” Carole Shandler, President

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At Carlisle Energy, we offer our professional expertise to provide high-quality energy efficiency solutions for the cold storage industry. Each service we provide is designed specifically with your return on investment in mind. We aim to provide our customers not only with extensive information and premium solutions for their energy conservation efforts, but also an amazing service experience.

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Cooper's Cold Foods, Inc.
EG Meat Inc.
Field Fresh Foods
Family Tree Produce
Maui-Fresh International
Panda Produce
Quentin Meats
S.G.S Produce
Umina Brothers
Worldwide Produce
YW Produce