How Energy-Efficient Cooling Systems Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Oct 4, 2023 | Uncategorized

Learn How You Can Save 10-30% on Your Businesses' Energy Consumption.

How Energy-Efficient Cooling Systems Can Boost Your Bottom Line


In today’s world, where sustainability and cost-efficiency are paramount for businesses, energy-efficient solutions have become a focal point. For cold storage facilities dealing with perishable goods like produce, meat, seafood, and dairy, an efficient cooling system can significantly impact the bottom line. Carlisle Energy Solutions, established in 2009, has been at the forefront, providing innovative energy-saving products and services to the cold storage industry. This article delves into how energy-efficient cooling systems can translate into substantial financial gains for businesses.

About Carlisle Energy Solutions

Carlisle Energy Solutions is a pioneer in providing cutting-edge cold storage energy reduction and refrigerated warehouse energy reduction solutions. Their mission is to enhance energy efficiency while reducing operational costs for cold storage warehouses. By employing innovative technology and strategic business approaches, they help cold storage wholesalers minimize energy consumption and cut costs, ultimately improving their financial performance.

Energy-Efficient Products and Services

Carlisle Energy Solutions offers a range of energy-efficient products and services tailored for the cold storage industry:


Carlisle Energy Solutions utilizes top-notch products such as KE2 Controllers and EC Motors, specifically designed to save energy. These components form a crucial part of the upgraded cooling systems, ensuring optimal efficiency and reduced energy consumption.


Their services include temperature reporting using state-of-the-art monthly energy-saving temperature reporting systems. Moreover, they retrofit outdated equipment with appropriately sized, more efficient models, offering significant energy-saving improvements.

The Path to Savings

Carlisle Energy Solutions aims to ensure that energy consumption does not eat into a company’s profits. Here’s how they help businesses save money and even get their utility company to pay for it:

  1. Data Gathering: An on-site visit is conducted to gather data from existing refrigeration equipment, including evaporator fan motors and condensing units.
  2. Utility Bill Analysis: The utility bill is thoroughly analyzed to understand the existing kWh rate and overall electricity costs.
  3. Incentive Maximization: Working directly with the utility company, Carlisle Energy Solutions assists in filling out the necessary forms and applications to ensure the client receives the maximum cash incentive.

By following this process, Carlisle Energy Solutions maximizes the benefits of upgrading to energy-efficient systems, making it a win-win situation for businesses.

Case Studies: A Glimpse of Success

Case Study 1: Upgrading a 103,000 sq. ft Cold Storage Warehouse

“Carlisle Energy Solutions provided the expertise needed to upgrade our 103,000 sq. ft Cold Storage Warehouse to a state-of-the-art energy-saving facility,” says Hitoshi Kurosaki, Director of Warehousing. This upgrade resulted in tremendous energy reduction and substantial incentives, showcasing the efficacy of energy-efficient solutions.

Case Study 2: Installation of Carlisle Controllers and EC Motors

Carlos Castaneda, General Manager, shared their experience, stating, “We are receiving tremendous energy reduction and substantial incentives from SCE working with Carlisle Energy Solutions.” The installation of Carlisle Controllers and EC Motors not only exceeded their savings expectations but also significantly reduced noise levels, demonstrating the multifaceted benefits of upgrading.

Case Study 3: Achieving 40% Noise Reduction

Ulises Urbina, Director of Warehousing, shared their success after contracting with Carlisle Energy Solutions, stating, “The savings have exceeded our expectations, and we are experiencing approximately 40% in noise reduction.” This remarkable reduction in noise levels showcases the holistic advantages of energy-efficient upgrades.


Investing in energy-efficient cooling systems isn’t just about being environmentally responsible; it’s a strategic financial move. Carlisle Energy Solutions, with its decade-long experience and commitment to providing the best solutions to the cold storage industry, has demonstrated the potential of energy-efficient upgrades to enhance a company’s bottom line. By embracing these solutions, businesses can save significantly on their energy bills, reduce maintenance costs, and even benefit from incentives offered by utility companies. It’s a transformation that not only benefits the business but also contributes to a sustainable and eco-friendly future. If you’re looking to optimize your cold storage facility and boost your bottom line, Carlisle Energy Solutions is the partner you need.

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