Carlisle Energy Solutions Launches New Website

Dec 9, 2015 | News & Updates

Learn How You Can Save 10-30% on Your Businesses' Energy Consumption.

We released an official press release announcing the launch of our new website. Check it out below!

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Carlisle Energy Solutions, cold storage energy consulting company, announces the launch of its new website.

Since 2009, Carlisle Energy Solutions, the leader in cutting edge, energy-saving technologies, has been providing the refrigeration industry with the latest in cost-saving technological innovations. The company’s interactive and dynamic new website provides proactive industry professionals with the tools to request free energy-saving analysis, browse case studies, and view comprehensive product information.

“The new website highlights the growth and direction of the Carlisle Energy Solutions brand and that of our client base,” CEO, Bob Farmer noted. The new, high-concept profile affirms the company’s ongoing commitment to exceptional customer service that has been Carlisle Energy Solutions’ standard since the company’s inception.

Bob added, “We knew it was time to ‘level-up’ with a professional, state-of-the-art company website. We consulted with marketing experts and spoke directly with our customers. This facilitated our new look which reflects who we are today and embodies our focus on superior products & service. We are proud that our new website will allow us to highlight our passion for customer satisfaction. We believe in providing superior quality and value in everything we do for our clients and in our communities.”

As Carlisle Energy Solutions heads into 2016 there will be updates to the website adding additional customer testimonials with energy savings results.

About Carlisle Energy Solutions

Carlisle Energy Solutions was established in 2009 as a distributor of energy savings products for the cold-storage industry. The company’s unique business model is based on the two-fold agenda of increasing energy efficiencies while driving down costs for cold storage warehouses whose main products include produce, meat, seafood, and dairy.

As an energy consulting company for cold storage wholesalers, Carlisle Energy Solutions serves its clients by providing the most innovative technologies and business strategies to reduce energy consumption, while still allowing companies to retain healthy profits. The demand in the cold storage industry to reduce energy-related costs has never been greater and Carlisle Energy Solutions is at the forefront of providing long-term, cost-cutting solutions to local cold-storage companies, as well as for facilities around the world.

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