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Controls Minimize Your Fan Motor’s Energy Consumption

August 15, 2020 - - 0 Comments

We facilitated $88,315 in incentives for Worldwide Produce’s new 180,000 Square Foot Facility. Savings result in less than 1 year ROI and offering Utility rebates for Retro-fit Upgrade to EC Motors & Controls.

  • LADWP – 15 cents per kWh Reduced
  • Vernon – 7.5 cents per kWh Reduced
  • Edison – 8 cents per kWh Reduced

Other Successful Projects and Incentives obtained

  • California Specialty Farms: $ 24,388
  • Organicgirl: $ 94,852
  • Cooper’s Cold Foods: $ 5,889
  • Pacific Giant: $ 21,747
  • Paramount: $ 5,159
  • Monarch Trading: $ 6,026

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