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Cooler storage, grener future

In the quest for greener future, and cooler warehouses companies across the globe are seeking innovative ways to reduce energy consumption and minimize their environmental footprint. Carlisle Energy Solutions, as the title suggests, stands at the forefront of this movement, revolutionizing the way we think about cold storage warehouses. Through cutting-edge technology and expertise, they have successfully transformed these spaces into beacons of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Let’s delve into their remarkable success stories.


Empowering Worldwide Produce

One of Carlisle Energy Solutions’ standout achievements lies in their collaboration with Worldwide Produce, a company specializing in fresh produce storage and distribution. With an eye on sustainability, Carlisle facilitated incentives worth $88,315 for Worldwide Produce’s 180,000-square-foot facility. By retrofitting existing equipment with EC Motors and Controllers, the company achieved impressive results: a return on investment in less than a year.

The project, totaling $165,124, involved upgrading 18 existing evaporators and their motors with cutting-edge technology. The outcome was exceptional – annual savings of $87,527, a substantial reduction of 631,636.2 kWh in the first year, and a significant step towards a greener future.


SGS Produce: Leading by Example

SGS Produce, a warehousing company specializing in fresh produce storage, turned to Carlisle Energy Solutions to enhance their operations. By retrofitting their coolers with Carlisle Controllers and 1.5 HP EC Motors, SGS anticipated savings of approximately $225,000 over five years. This project proved so successful that it paid for itself in just six months, thanks to a generous incentive from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).

The project, which cost $36,729.94, delivered annual savings of $44,924.40 and a reduction of 307,701 kWh in the first year alone. This remarkable achievement exemplifies the profound impact of Carlisle Energy Solutions’ innovative approach to cold storage.


Pacific Giant: A Giant Leap in Efficiency

Pacific Giant, a refrigerated warehouse dedicated to seafood storage and distribution, called upon Carlisle Energy Solutions to upgrade their refrigeration system. With a comprehensive retrofitting effort, Carlisle replaced 35 evaporator fan motors with advanced EC Motors and controllers. This upgrade, totaling $87,478, promised annual savings of $51,032.64 and an impressive energy reduction of 289,958.20 kWh in the first year.

The project’s 1.288-year return on investment demonstrated not only cost savings but also a commitment to sustainable practices. By maximizing energy efficiency, Pacific Giant is leading the way in responsible seafood distribution.


Field Fresh Foods: Cultivating Sustainability

Field Fresh Foods, a sprawling refrigerated facility covering approximately 70,550 square feet, sought to optimize its operations. By retrofitting 25 evaporator coils with Carlisle Controllers and 98 EC Motors, Field Fresh Foods was projected to save approximately $496,443.00 over the next five years. Southern California Edison’s incentive of $37,194.00 for Carlisle’s technology made this transformation possible and delivered a remarkable return on investment in just 12.55 months.\

The project, totaling $130,616, slashed annual energy costs by $89,298.60 and reduced energy consumption by a staggering 651,264 kWh in the first year. Field Fresh Foods demonstrates the profound impact that upgrading cold storage facilities can have on both financial and environmental sustainability.


Maruzen Cold Storage: A Chilling Success

Maruzen Cold Storage, dedicated to handling agricultural products under controlled refrigerated storage, partnered with Carlisle Energy Solutions to enhance their operations. Retrofitting 39 evaporator coils with Carlisle ECM Controllers and 98 EC Motors promised to save Maruzen Cold Storage approximately $766,225.20 over the next five years. Thanks to Southern California Edison’s incentive of $67,999, this transformation offered an ROI of less than 13 months.

With a project cost of $233,490.74, Maruzen Cold Storage achieved monthly savings of $12,770.42 and an impressive reduction of 1,028,490 kWh in the first year.


Conclusion: Pioneering a Greener Future

Carlisle Energy Solutions’ success stories are not merely a testament to their technical prowess but also a beacon of hope for a more sustainable future. These case studies underscore the profound impact that upgrading cold storage facilities can have on energy efficiency, cost savings, and environmental responsibility.

As industries worldwide strive to reduce their carbon footprint, Carlisle Energy Solutions stands as a shining example of how innovation and commitment to sustainable practices can pave the way toward a greener, more sustainable future for all. With each successful project, they bring us one step closer to achieving a world where energy efficiency and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

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