SGS Produce Reduces Operating Costs By Installing Carlisle Controllers & EC Motors

Learn How You Can Save 10-30% on Your Businesses' Energy Consumption.

SGS Produce is a full-service wholesale produce company operating out of Los Angeles, California. The company operates a warehouse where produce is stored before being shipped out to various segments of the food industry. SGS runs evaporators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to maintain optimal produce cold-storage temperatures in the warehouse.



Running evaporator fan motors 24/7 for 365 days a year results in a huge energy bill. The cost of energy has been skyrocketing for the past 5 years, so clients like SGS president, Carole Shandler are always looking for ways to reduce expenses at their facilities.


We prepared a savings analysis and found that by retrofitting the evaporator coils in one of their coolers with Carlisle Controllers & 1.5 HP EC Motors, SGS will save approximately $225,000 in the next five years. LADWP’s Carlisle incentive of $27,547.45 allowed this project to pay for itself in less than 6 months.


Carlisle motor controllers function by sensing the operational status of the cooling system and controlling the speed of the evaporator fans. By operating the fans at a low-speed when no cooling is called for, the fans circulate about 40% as much as normal and use only 10% as much energy without impacting cooling requirements. The addition of either the Carlisle Single or 3-Phase motor controller to an evaporator will increase energy savings by approximately 50% over what EC motors alone will provide.

For more information on Carlisle Electronically Commuted (EC) Motors and Controllers and how Carlisle Energy can save you money, please contact us directly at (714) 684-1766.

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